UltraBattery® – A Global Heritage

UltraBattery® was invented by Dr Lan Lam of CSIRO. Funding support for its development came from the Australian government and the New South Wales state government.

While CSIRO and Dr Lam developed the technology, a technology alliance was formed with Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd in Japan, who also strongly contributed to the technology’s development. As the UltraBattery® effort progressed, it was included in projects funded by the Japanese government through the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

In 2007, the UltraBattery® technology alliance was extended to East Penn Manufacturing (EPM). EPM obtained a global head license for the manufacturing and commercialization of the technology for motive and automotive applications in various territories, and for stationary energy storage applications (globally outside Japan and Thailand, where Furukawa Battery is the head license holder).

CSIRO recognised that UltraBattery® provided a path to cost-effective, grid-scale energy storage solutions. In 2007, CSIRO formed a subsidiary company, Ecoult, to address this market. In May 2010, East Penn Manufacturing acquired Ecoult from CSIRO. Following the acquisition, East Penn promoted the implementation of UltraBattery® technology in grid-scale energy storage. Ecoult closed in 2021; however, ways to further integrate UltraBattery® technology continued to be explored within Stationary Energy Storage applications as well as for other partial-state-of-charge solutions.

Dr Lan Lam (previously CSIRO) invented the UltraBattery®

Dr Lan Lam (previously CSIRO) invented the UltraBattery®

Key Features


  • was invented by CSIRO
  • is licensed by Furukawa Battery in Japan and Thailand
  • is licensed by East Penn Manufacturing in the rest of the world.