Furukawa Battery

Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd.

Furukawa Battery is based in Yokohama, Japan. The company was founded in 1950 as a spin-off from Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. Their major products are lead-acid storage batteries, alkaline storage batteries and power supply systems. Furukawa Battery has two research centers. These aim to strengthen the generic technologies of automobile batteries and industrial batteries and equipment, in addition to research and development activities. Current R&D projects focus on the UltraBattery® and other VRLA batteries.
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East Penn Manufacturing

Since 1946, East Penn has been producing high quality batteries and battery accessories for the automotive, commercial, marine, industrial, stationary, and specialty markets.

Facilities at its 520-acre single-site manufacturing complex in Lyon Station, PA include four automotive battery plants, an industrial battery plant, a specialty battery plant, a state-of-the-art oxide facility, an innovative recycling infrastructure, and dozens of vertically integrated capabilities and other support facilities. An additional manufacturing facility in Corydon, IA helps accommodate widespread growth. East Penn owns and operates a wire, cable, and battery accessory plant and a multiple facility distribution center just miles away from its Lyon Station complex.New high-tech facilities and computer monitoring and control systems have made the company an industry leader in advanced battery manufacturing.

East Penn’s quality manufacturing is recognized worldwide and has met the global requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certification standards. East Penn is also a leader in innovative recycling and has met global environmental requirements of ISO 14001 certification standards.

Staffed with a long-term management team, East Penn is an independent company committed to the future and dedicated to assuring complete satisfaction, above and beyond the industry standard, to its partners and customers worldwide.
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Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

CSIRO, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, is Australia’s national science agency and one of the largest and most diverse research agencies in the world. CSIRO, at the forefront of renewable energy technologies, invented the UltraBattery®, a flexible technology suitable for many uses, including renewable energy storage.

CSIRO licensed UltraBattery® technology in a number of jurisdictions, for automotive (such as hybrid electric vehicles), motive and stationary (such as renewable energy) applications. The parent company of Ecoult is a licensee of UltraBattery® technology.“We are pleased to see Ecoult going from strength to strength. We are certain that UltraBattery® technology will be pivotal in the success of large scale renewable energy integration into the grid.” Jim Smitham, Deputy Chief, CSIRO Energy Technology.

Ecoult continues to work closely with CSIRO in a research partnership to develop research and controller software services for Ecoult’s energy storage systems.

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Exide Industries Ltd

Exide Industries Ltd

Established in 1946 and headquartered in Kolkata , India, Exide Industries Ltd. has over 5,000 employees and produces lead-acid batteries (ranging from 2.5 Ah to 20,000 Ah), inverters and a range of home UPS systems. It is one of the leading producers of lead-acid storage batteries for both automotive and industrial applications globally. Exide Industries has nine factories located across India. Seven of these factories are dedicated to batteries and the other two manufacture home UPS systems. The company has subsidiaries in the UK, Singapore and Sri Lanka and its exports span 45 countries across six continents.

Collaborations with Shin Kobe and Furukuwa of Japan, Oldham of UK, East Penn Manufacturing of the USA and now with Ecoult in Australia, give Exide Industries a global dimension in manufacturing capability. Exide Industries has been granted ISO 9001 status by RWTUV of Germany and has also received the ISO 14001 Certificate in recognition of its eco-friendly production processes.

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