5-Year Update of EPRI Smart Grid Demonstration Initiative

UltraBattery energy storage was used as part of the PNM Prosperity Project for solar smoothing and shifting and has been shown to be able to smooth intermittent renewable generation to create a firm, dispatchable resource. As well as in EPRI’s full case study on the project, the UltraBattery installation is highlighted as a significant project in EPRI’s “Smart Grid Demonstration Initiative 5-Year Update”, an international project to demonstrate the viability of smart grid technologies.

The PNM Prosperity Project shows how significant energy shifting and smoothing can be on the grid, particularly in altering the profile of grid scale renewables. UltraBattery smoothing was applied to the output of a 500 kW New Mexico solar PV array, where tests had measured ramp rates of 136 kW per second as solar energy was lost to cloud cover. Such large fluctuations in energy output become unsustainable as renewable penetration increases. UltraBattery technology is successfully controlling the PV output and demonstrating the viability of combining PV with a battery-based energy storage system. Read more…

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