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The White Paper gives you access to some remarkable research results from major national labs. Read what UltraBattery® technology can do for your industry.

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Now Available: UltraBattery® Research and Testing White Paper

UltraBattery® technology has been tested by major independent labs and installed in grid and HEV applications worldwide. It gives lead-acid technology a very bright future. Find out why.

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5-Year Update of EPRI Smart Grid Demonstration Initiative

UltraBattery technology has been shown to provide a viable and scalable solution to renewable variability management.

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Ecoult makes the Global Cleantech top 100 list

From 6,000 nominated global companies, Sydney-based Ecoult has been chosen as one of the world’s top 100 private companies in clean technology, having been named in the Cleantech Group’s prestigious 2013 Global Cleantech 100.

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Project Information: ARENA Emerging Renewables Program

Australian energy storage company Ecoult has been awarded Australian Government funding through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to conduct small/mid-sized storage project development using UltraBattery technology to deliver cost effective storage solutions for homes and businesses in Australia and

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UltraBattery® Energy Storage System Featuring in PNM’s Latest Commercial

PNM’s commercial talks about the challenges of solar power and how Ecoult’s UltraBattery® energy storage system supports PNM to deliver consistent energy even on cloudy days. Click here to view the clip!

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Ecoult’s Parent East Penn Manufacturing Receives Environmental Excellence Award

Battery Manufacturer East Penn receives the Governor’s 2013 Environmental Excellence Award, presented by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council.

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