Automotive Energy Storage

The use of fossil fuels for transportation is one of the major contributors to rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. The use of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), which make use of battery energy storage, can help to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles.

Storage batteries in HEVs now go beyond the existing applications, such as starting engines, and are required to cycle consistently: that is, to frequently and repeatedly charge and discharge.

The UltraBattery® is ideal for moderate HEVs. These cars rely on a battery-operated electric motor to meet peak power needs during acceleration and recapture energy normally wasted through braking to recharge the battery.

The UltraBattery® meets the battery performance needs of HEV cars: It delivers quick charge acceptance and quick discharge, and has a long life.

Automotive Energy Storage

Automotive UltraBattery® Key Benefits

  • Long cycle life
  • High charge acceptance for greater energy efficiency
  • Quick discharge for high bursts of energy
  • Maintenance free and reliable
  • Recyclable
  • Safe and robust